What Is Brand Strategy?

Brand Strategy moves brands from confusion to clarity by bridging problem solving and design. We use it to develop a brand blueprint that creates the desired perception of your product and brand experience and moves you toward your aspirational future state.

When a brand comes to us to update their package design or logo we always start by asking the question, “What’s prompting this need for change?” The answers to these questions run the gamut from “the category is saturated” to “consumers are confused” to “our sales team isn’t clear on how to talk about us”. These pain points are the problems the design work needs to solve.

In our decades of experience, the issue is most likely not that you need a more vibrant green in your palette, it’s that people are confused about your brand and how you are different from your competitors. And that’s where the brand strategy kicks in — although, we’re told it feels more like brand therapy.

By uncovering the barriers to brand engagement we can work backwards to remove them through design.

This requires a step back to take a look at all aspects of your brand and where you want to take it. We do this with our Brand Strategy Workshops and Brand Definition Program,  collaborative workshops designed to focus and clarify your brand. The work we do together culminates in a brand blueprint that clearly communicates who you are, what you do and the unique value you add to the world and gives our design team a clear path to create a hardworking, beautiful design.