The Evolution From Logo To Logo System

To be relevant today, a Brand Identity needs to be a flexible graphic framework rather than a single static mark.

As the marketing landscape moves further and further toward digital platforms, the way we approach brand identity must follow. Logo systems are officially the new logo.

Traditionally, a logo was designed and applied to physical objects, that mostly remained unchanged. Today, logos are most commonly seen in email signatures, on apps, on your website, and on social media channels. Each of these platforms require a different size and shape which unlocks opportunities for our designers to create a system for you that is cohesive but flexible. The development of a logo system allows us to show more of a brand’s personality, to share the brand story beyond the name, and to easily grow and evolve your brand identity, rather than being locked into a single look.

Google is the shining example of putting a logo system to work, changing their homepage logo regularly while staying recognizable by designing within their logo system framework. You can explore how a logo system visually activates a brand in our case studies for local restaurant Mary’s Pizza Shack, national tortilla brand La Tortilla Factory and the beloved Paradise Ridge Winery.

Logo System

Rooted in longevity, agility and storytelling, the development of a logo system is an investment in brand growth that provides your team with a cohesive visual language to amplify your brand.