The Elements Of Brand Story

A great brand story moves people from passive readers to dynamic characters.

But what makes a story great? How do you make it stick with people? 

Your story and messaging activate your brand DNA and offer a glimpse into your internal culture and why your products are worthy of your audience’s investment and time.

Let’s explore the key elements of story that are foundational to the “stickiness” that keeps people coming back…

An engaging brand story connects with emotion and compels with purpose. It transforms a brand and its products into feelings, status and communities that engage people. People, place, plot and purpose work together to create an impact through connection, authenticity, meaning and engagement.

PEOPLE provide connection through the characters in your story that people can relate to. *Who are the people behind your brand and who engage with your brand, and what makes them unique?

PLACE provides authenticity through a familiar place or experience that gives context and grounds your story in reality.*What relatable human experience is your product and brand solving for?

PLOT provides structure and emotion and keeps people engaged so your story can endure. *How are you continuing to solve problems, add value and evolve with culture?

PURPOSE provides meaning and gives people something to align with and take away from your story.*Why do you exist, and what are your goals beyond profit?

As your brand grows and evolves to stay relevant and engage new audiences, so should your story…so feel free to skip the ending.