Sustainable Label Design For Beloved Sonoma County Winery

As the health and wellness of people and the planet rapidly become a cultural priority, consumers expect transparency from all brands. These expectations have shifted how we approach design in the CPG industry. Since our work focuses on organic and environmentally conscious food and beverage brands, we love to design in the sustainable packaging realm. However, there is no linear path to sustainability, which means each new design project, is a unique problem that needs to be solved. 

The challenge of designing a functional and beautiful solution, within the boundaries of production schedules, budget and availability is what drives our creativity. The addition of making it a sustainable solution adds another intersection of problem-solving that further ignites our creative brains.

As solution creators, our goal is to create sustainable design options that visually engage consumers while minimizing a brand’s waste and impact on the planet. To do this we let the brand values guide our design choices. Let’s take a look at a recent wine label redesign project that we worked on with Paradise Ridge Winery.

With a ground up rebuild on their hands after a devastating fire, Paradise Ridge Winery chose to start fresh. That meant exploring how they were activating and messaging their brand values. We partnered with them on our Brand Definition Program to develop a clear brand blueprint and create a new Brand Identity to inform the new package design. 

Their deep commitment to the environment prompted us to approach the package design with an eye on sustainability, choosing partners and sourcing materials with minimal impact and waste. We designed a screenprinted bottle that stands out on shelves and is recyclable as-is without label waste. A short, recyclable capsule and the lightest glass bottle reduces waste and shipping weight. This fresh, environmentally-friendly design keeps this heritage brand relevant.

The new design is rooted in the bird shape found in their iconic LOVE sculpture, a symbol of rebirth, freedom and soaring once again. See the full design case study here