Revel In The New

Why change names when you already have an established brand?

A few reasons, really.

Firefly was a great fit when we started out as a boutique design shop. But over the years we’ve expanded our team and grown into a full service creative agency with the ability to holistically evolve a brand. That’s something to revel in.

After a decade of guiding clients through evaluating the authenticity of their brand, we felt it was time to take a hard look at our own, and we saw an identity that no longer told our true story. We made the decision to change our name after deep research, much soul searching and hours of careful consideration and good pinot noir.

And so, Revel was born. Actually, it wasn’t quite that easy. It took months to find a name that captured the spirit of the work we do. We build brands that represent the best things in life. Food, wine, and lifestyle. Revel hits this right on the mark – savoring the good, relishing every moment.

At our core, we’re still the same team of smart, eclectic creatives, but now our name is better aligned with who we are and what we love. Plus, we think it looks pretty cool on a sweatshirt.