Building Your Brand Experience

Brand loyalty develops when you enhance people’s lives, are relatable and offer an emotional experience they can connect with. Make sure all of your content and messaging considers these integral components. They keep people coming back for more… 

Always lead with consumer benefits.
It’s human nature to focus on ourselves but to engage consumers the key is to keep your messaging about them. Once you have their attention, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk about your brand. Trust the process.

Ask yourself: What problem are we solving for people? 

Meet people where they are.
To be relatable, you’ll want to adjust your tone and approach to match the mindset and knowledge level of whomever you are engaging with. Always consider the platform, target audience and complexity of the topic when creating your content.

Ask yourself: How can we authentically enter and add value to a conversation already in progress?

Build an emotional connection.
Your brand experience should not end with purchase, it should begin there. Beyond your product or service, you deliver an emotional experience. For example, a wine, beer or spirits brands might evoke connection, multi-sensory pleasure, celebration, status, escape or indulgence.

Ask yourself: How do we make people feel?