Visit Fort Bragg

A Coast of Characters

Visit Fort Bragg had no clear identity of its own and was borrowing the city logo when a mark was needed. They partnered with us to create a visual identity and strategic messaging that would shift the perception of Fort Bragg, removing barriers to visiting and connecting with new demographics.

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The charming sea town of Fort Bragg is just far enough away from the everyday to create a perspective shift. From coastal trails to the spectacular redwoods and a host of adventures and character, there‚Äôs something for everyone. You’ll arrive as a visitor, leave as a friend and return as an honorary local.


To visually communicate the feeling Fort Bragg evokes in visitors, we explored a number of directions and landed on a friendly, hand-tooled logo and a color palette pulled from the worn, muted tones of the harbor and the colorful sea glass the town is known for. The primary logo was expanded into a logo system and applied to all their physical and digital visitor touchpoints.

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