WX Brands

The Art of Wine

WX Brands develops exclusive wine brands for retailers around the world. Each new brand must offer a unique look and story. We design label art that offers a moment of delight and creates an emotional resonance—but the true test is shelf pop. The challenge of making art that stops people in their tracks is one we never tire of. We revel in the artistic freedom that comes with imagining and designing these new brands.

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  • Identity
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  • Web Design

Beyond the Label

The art of balance in wine extends beyond what’s inside the bottle. In the case of WX’s brand Chronic Cellars, they needed to translate the off-color-yet-full-of-color linocut labels to a website design that showed their unique personality but also their depth of experience as winemakers. Through lifestyle photography and incorporation of the brand voice and graphic elements from the labels we created a site that visually captures the story of the fun but serious people behind the wine.