Mary’s Pizza Shack

Design from Scratch

Mary’s Pizza Shack opened in 1959 and has remained a pillar of family-friendly dining in Northern California, making sure guests feel welcome and fed. They invited us reunite their brand with that mission and bring in a current and cohesive aesthetic to draw in a new audience. We stripped away the non-essential elements to reveal the initial brand ingredients of family meals, made-from-scratch food and a welcoming spirit that has always been at the heart of their story and infused it with some good old Italian hospitality to give them an updated logo, menus, food containers and website.

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Back to Basics

When Mary’s asked us to redesign their logo, we sought to keep the iconic Sonoma County brand recognizable, while distilling the brand mark to the essential elements that still evoke Mary’s. We referenced the original restaurant signage, and the various incarnations the logo has held over the past several decades to create something new – that is also timeless.