Paradise Ridge Winery

A Love Story

Paradise Ridge Winery is a family business fueled by a love of wine, art and community. In 2017, a tragic firestorm enveloped the iconic estate property — leaving only their LOVE sculpture standing — but it did not diminish their vision or strength. They rebuilt and relaunched with new energy, perspective and branding.

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  • Wine Label Design


Together we explored how they were activating and messaging their brand story and values through our Brand Definition Program. The insights from that process allowed us to develop a clear brand blueprint that led us to a brand identity rooted in the iconic LOVE sculpture that stands as a sign of resilience and strength at the winery. The new visual identity incorporates a new icon borrowed from the bird shape punched out of the metal sculpture. The icon was paired with the refreshed logomark and a brand badge that amplifies their brand values.


With a deep commitment to the environment, we approached the package design with an eye on sustainability, choosing partners and sourcing materials with minimal impact and waste. We designed a screenprinted bottle that stands out on shelves and is recyclable as-is without label waste. A short, recycleable capsule and the lightest glass bottle reduces waste and shipping weight. The fresh, environmentally-friendly design keeps this heritage brand relevant.

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