American AgCredit

Building A Legacy

Founded in 1916, American AgCredit is a customer-owned cooperative with the sole mission of supporting the financial needs of American agriculture. Their deep agricultural expertise combined with their unique product flexibility ensures they are able to help agriculture and rural communities thrive.

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American AgCredit knows the importance of evolving with their customers and industry to stay relevant. Each year we develop multiple integrated advertising campaigns that amplify their mission and expertise and tell their story through the rich legacy and multi-generational relationships of the customers they serve. We travel the country art directing photo and video shoots to capture their customers’ stories that reinforce the fact that Ag truly is their middle name.


The stories we capture are leveraged throughout their brand experience. We integrate them into all customer touchpoints, from their website to print and digital ads to billboards and trailers, to ensure a connected and cohesive in-person and digital experience for the farmers and ranchers they support.

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